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Follow this steps

Step #1

In order to truly play FULL OUT during this experience, you MUST join the Facebook Group!!! This is where you’ll access our live trainings plus special bonus trainings leading up to the challenge and throughout the 5 days we spend together…

Plus it’s where so much of the tangible growth, inspiration and action steps will take place so missing out on this community is not an option!
Click below to join the group now and then make a post telling your new #OwnYourFuture family where you’re from, your biggest passion and your #1 reason for joining this challenge!!!

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Step #3

Right now, go into your clock app in your phone to set daily alarms for May 30th to June 5th at 5pm IST .. then write it on your fridge, put notes at your desk and say the date out loud 30 times!!! 


Okay maybe that’s a bit extreme but do whatever it takes to show up… And you’ll want to set aside about 60 minutes every day so you don’t miss a minute! 

And stay alert for emails from us along the way… check your spam and other folders to make sure you miss nothing!

Step #3

This is truly a once in a lifetime event. And let’s just say it like it is, you could have easily paid 5000 for an event like this. But since it’s free let’s work together to help as many people as we can gain these capabilities when they need it the most. That is how movements are created. 
I’m guessing you probably have friends, family, colleagues, employees and other people in your life who need a challenge and knowledge like this. So let’s not leave them behind. We made it easy to invite them;-)
Think of a few people you know whose lives would be changed from this challenge and tell them, text them, email them (example below) to go sign up now at MHITENDRA.IN
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