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  1. Why Choose Diamond Membership?

    We understand you may have some questions before making this big decision. Let us explain how the Diamond Membership can benefit you:

Step-by-Step Road Map

Learn how to make ₹37,50,000 in 2 years or less with our precise plan.

Webinar/Seminar Selling

Master the art of selling through webinars and seminars.

High-Ticket Programs

Learn to charge and sell high-ticket programs with ease.

Content Creation

Create compelling content that attracts and retains clients

Extraordinary Coaching Skills

Enhance your coaching skills to stand out in the market.

Direct Access to Hitendra & Pinal

Get direct access to me (Hitendra) and Pinal for the first 3 months to fast-track your success.

Hitendra Makvana

About Us

Hitendra Makvana is an expert in digital marketing and business growth. With Pinal, we are committed to helping coaches and trainers achieve their dreams.

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